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Community Access Services are designed to assist the individual in acquiring, retaining, or improving self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills required for active community participation and independent functioning. These services are provided in either community-based or facility-based settings. Community Access Group services are provided to individuals or to groups.

Prevocational Services are designed to prepare the individual for paid or unpaid employment. The individual is not expected to be able to join the general work force within one year. If compensated, individuals are paid piece rate or commensurate wage rate, a percentage of the prevailing wage that is based on productivity. Prevocational Services occur in facility-based settings or at community sites outside the facility for small groups of individuals.

Supported Employment Services are ongoing supports that enable individuals, for whom competitive employment at or above the minimum wage is unlikely absent the provision of supports, and who because of their disabilities, need supports to perform in regular work settings. Supported Employment Group services are provided to groups of individuals, with a staff to individual ratio of one to two or more. The staff ratio cannot exceed one (1) to ten (10).

Supported Employment Individual services
are provided to an individual, with a one-to-one ratio.

Community Living Support (CLS) Services are individually tailored supports that assist with the acquisition, retention, or improvement in skills related to an individual; continued residence in his or her own family home. Personal care/assistance may be a component part of CLS services, but may not compromise the entirety of the services, CLS services are offered to individuals who live in their own or family home.

Respite Services provide brief periods of support or relief for caregivers or individuals with disabilities. Respite is provided in the following situations: 1) When families or the usual caretakers are in need of additional support or relief; 2) When the individual needs relief or a break from the caretaker; 3) When an individual is experiencing a crisis and needs structured, short-term support; 4) When relief from care giving is necessitated by unavoidable circumstances, such as family emergency.